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Atlantic Outdoor llc began in 2006 with with the manufacturing of Dead On Decoys. Shortly after, we began selling PRO DRIVE motors and boats as a much needed solution over water cooled outboards for our shallow marshes. 

The Dead On Decoys UV silhouettes are painted to duplicate the ultraviolet light reflection that live birds possess and reflect. Not only are the colors and artwork of the decoys dead on but also the UV correctness as well.  Dead On Decoys  deliver exceptional quality and performance for sportsman who want the best. Dead On Decoys are made here in Maryland utilizing local businesses. As such, we don't operate a store front, however you are welcome to pick your orders from here or we will ship them directly to you.

 We are also a dealer for PRO-DRIVE motors and boats. The boats are custom built to your exact needs and represent the finest quality in waterfowl and fishing surface drive boats. PRO DRIVE motors are 27 HP and 36 hp air cooled short shaft surface drive motors. PRO DRIVE motors are the perfect solution to sportsman who need to access the shallow back waters to hunt and fish.

 Our purpose is to help provide sportsman with exceptional gear for a more memorable experience in the field.