Dead On Decoys UV Snow & Snow/Blue Silhouettes

Waterfowl see ultraviolet light unlike humans. They see varying degrees of ultraviolet light reflection off of objects that reflect UV light depending on the brightness of the day. Dead On Decoys Snow Goose and Snow/Blue Goose silhouette decoys are painted with paints that are UV corrected so that the geese see Dead On Decoys as they see live birds. They are sold 25 to a box. One decoy is a sentry, the other 24 are a mix of walkers and feeders. Dead On Decoys silhouettes are made of light weight .125 thick plastic bodies and rest on steel stakes. The steel stakes may be hammered into frozen ground, thus eliminating the need to pre-drill holes for placement. The stakes are guided through holes in the decoy bodies. The Decoys may be set higher or lower on the stakes depending on preference. Dead On  Decoys Snow Goose 25 pack consist of adults and juveniles . Dead On  Snow/Blue 25 pack consist of  a balance of  Blue Goose and Snow Gosse images.    $287.99/Box

Replacement steel stakes can be purchased separately. 

Painted Steel Stakes  $2.50 Ea.​

Dead On Decoy bags  $44.99 Ea

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Remember, it's what the birds see that counts!

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